Vision, Philosophy & Policies

Brendar's vision is to be a leader in developing and implementing innovative, responsible waste management solutions that lessen environmental impacts and improve environmental integrity for future generations. We strive to achieve these goals by placing a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, creative thinking, ethical practices and public education.

Philosophically speaking ...
Brendar realizes that waste management issues are very high profile and as such, they must be handled with the utmost care and responsibility. It is very important to recognize the regulatory requirements associated with the handling, transportation and recycling or disposal of materials properly. We also believe it is just the right thing to do.

Environmental Policy
Brendar Environmental Inc. (BEI) is thoroughly committed to environmental protection and shall facilitate and encourage participation in waste management activities that protect and preserve the environment. BEI will manage all of its job sites and waste materials in a responsible manner that minimizes the potential for adverse environmental and human health concerns and fully considers not only the associated legal, governmental, client, ethical, technological, and due diligence perspectives but also the spirit and intention of the laws in its daily performance.